APPRENTICESHIPS: The Journey to Employment

Sarina Russo Apprenticeships are an Australian Apprenticeships Support Network and jobactive provider who connect employers with trainees and apprentices. They have been in operation for over 40 years and they have seen employment trends and demands change across many different industries. They are also keenly involved in the building and construction industry and they have firsthand experience with what employers are presently seeking from their apprentices. We chatted with Sarina Russo State Field Operations Manager for NSW/ACT, Scott Lawler, to find out more about what’s happening in our industry.


Q. What key skills are employers looking for from apprentices?
A. An apprentice has to do a bit of research about what an apprenticeship entails. It’s important that they have demonstrated knowledge and a genuine interest in the trade. It’s also great if they have work experience in the industry, even if it’s just helping out with their relative’s business because that shows that they’ve done their research. It’s great if they do show they have a detailed understanding about what an apprenticeship is including knowledge of additional study options, knowing that it is an entry level role, pay rates for an apprentice and the time it takes to complete an apprenticeship.


Q. What personal traits are employers valuing right now?
First and foremost employers are valuing a positive attitude very highly. It’s also critical that an apprentice has a good work ethic and the way for an apprentice to demonstrate this can be through previous part time work and experience working in a team environment. It’s also important for an apprentice to
include any extracurricular activity they’ve undertaken because it shows that they are motivated. Employers highly value apprentices looking to make a good impression with a potential employer to not be on their mobile phones during work time. There’s a time and place for phones and when they’re working they need to be committed to the task at hand.


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Q. How can apprentices put their best foot forward to
potential employers?
The biggest thing an employer is looking for is a motivated employee, and someone who is willing to learn. We have employers say that they are looking for an apprentice to arrive on time and be willing to learn and we’ll teach them the rest. So punctuality is essential in making a good impression and building a good reputation in the industry. For offsite training, an apprentice needs to be willing to commit themselves to the pace of their theoretical training. They need to take the time to understand the theory behind their practical tasks. Also a lot of employers are looking for apprentices who hold a driver’s license, it doesn’t always have to be the case but employers need to know an apprentice will show up on time and they don’t have any obstacles to making that happen.


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Master Builders ACT is recruiting apprentices in carpentry, plumbing and civil construction for 2021. For more information head to our website or attend our virtual information session on September 23 and hear from MBA trainers and field staff about the opportunities available and how to apply. Applications close 23 October 2020.


SOURCE: Masters Builders Association News Edition 3 2020

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