Brad’s attention to detail puts apprentices in driver’s seat

Graeme Hull Smash Repairs V3

WHEN the team at Graeme Hull Smash Repairs need a new staff member, the simply phone Sarina Russo Apprenticeships Industry Consultant Bradley Seaton – day or night.


And with more than 20 staff on the roster at their esteemed Wagga Wagga workshop it’s fair to say the they’re got Bradley’s mobile number on speed dial.


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“Sarina Russo Apprenticeships, and importantly our consultant Bradley Seaton, has made our experience in employing multiple apprentices very easy,” he said.


“No issue has been too small for them to come and see us with every issue being solved quickly with follow up meetings to make sure there have been no relapses.


“Importantly for me, they are available at any hour of the day and are quick to respond to requests or questions we have had.


“Their services are second to none.”


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