Curb Cravings, Entertain Guests, Be Mum of the Century Baller Blends

BRISBANE businesswoman, Kylee Collins, believes the best way to a healthy life begins within and her latest business venture, Baller Blends, more than justifies her belief.


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“At Baller Blends, we believe eating healthy doesn’t have to taste ‘healthy’,” Kylee said.


“Eating healthy doesn’t mean buying ingredients you-have-no-idea-how-to-pronounce.


Baller Blends are mouth-watering snackable delights made fresh daily, so everyone can add nourishment, taste bud satisfaction and enjoy a delightful snack time.


“With our simple satchels of goodness, you can mix healthy living with a hearty dollop of deliciousness,” Kylee said.


“Whether it be to curb cravings, entertain guests, or become Mum of the century, Baller Blends lets you effortlessly assume the role of health snack goddess with zero cooking skills required.”

Kylee’s business has come along in leaps and bounds thanks to her Sarina Russo Entrepreneurs Business Solutions Coach, Sandra Gartner.


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