Hervey Bay Author’s Actions Speak Louder Than Her Words

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HERVEY Bay author Shae Millward always dreamed of having a book published, but when she signed her first contract she realised she lacked the business knowledge necessary to be professional, and ultimately successful.

However, that all changed when she commenced the New Business Assistance with NEIS program under the mentorship of Sarina Russo Entrepreneurs and learnt the practical side of running a small business.


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“I had the creative side of being an author covered but I was excited to join Sarina Russo Entrepreneurs to learn the business skills required to run a successful small business,” Shae said. 

“Not having an agent limited the number of publishers it was possible to submit to, with opportunities narrowed to those who would accept unsolicited manuscripts, I am very grateful to have had my stories chosen from the slush pile.”


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Shae’s first book, A Boy and a Dog, tells a classic story of a lonely boy and a lonesome dog who find each other and discover true friendship. It is a touching insight into the special bond between children and animals with the universal themes of joy, compassion, trust and belonging. But at its very essence, it is a story about LOVE.

“My business promotes literacy and a love of reading by creating fun, engaging stories for children,” Shae said. “I continue to work on many new creative writing projects, now backed by the business skills acquired from the NEIS program.”

Sarina Russo, Managing Director of Sarina Russo Group, said there’s never been a better time to start a business under her mentorship through the New Business Assistance with NEIS.


On the eve of her 40th year in business on September 17, Ms Russo said her record in putting people on the fast track to business success had stood the test of time.


“We helped start over 9000 new businesses under the NEIS program and we instil in them the skills to survive,” Ms Russo said.


For more information please visit www.shaemillward.com


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