How The Class of 2019 Can Master The Job Interview

The groundwork has been done and the big day has arrived, and the hours are ticking down until you are interviewed for your first big job out of school.


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At the interview stage, to impress an employer:


Plan how you’ll sell yourself

    • Research the business and understand the industry
    • Relate how your personal qualities will benefit the business
    • Prepare a list of questions about the company and your potential role


Understand the power of first impressions

    • Be neatly attired, polite and on time for the interview
    • Turn off your phone so you’re not tempted to answer calls or texts
    • Be professional – even if there’s no work now, they may remember you


Turn you perceived lack of experience into a positive.

    • Promote your understanding of technology and your ability to multi-task,
    • Demonstrate how your positive attitude gives you altitude
    • Your ‘workplace learning mode’ stage gives you great adaptability and flexibility


School leavers who plan to go onto University or enroll in vocational education should still heed these strategies to secure part-time work to enhance their long-term employability skills.


“As they say it’s always easier to get a job if you already have a job.”


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