Indigenous Talent Showcased to the Max

Dear Sarina


I have longed for the day that I could share my testimony with you. This is my 3rd attempt . . . I came out of school uneducated, not even finishing Year 10, which was the level back in my day to qualify for completion of schooling.


I started work in a grocery store and was fired after 3 weeks. I thought I would return to school and the principal wouldn’t take me back. So, I went on the dole and partied hard . . . then worked in pubs, bars, restaurants and events. . .


At the age of 22yrs, I wanted desperately to do “something” better, “something” more with my life. It was a quiet desire, but none the less a true desire. At this time, I saw you on your weekly TV program and thought, “that’s what I want to do” – be a Secretary. I loved typing at school lol. I had the choice between you and another and am grateful I chose you. You’re the one that interviewed me. I was so impressed with your confidence. That was the drawn card for me. You taught me so much on personal development. I never even heard of “self-esteem” until you said it in a class one time. I didn’t know what it meant. You suggested reading power development books. You said to start at “Think and Grow Rich” and I did. You even wanted to offer me a job. I know you saw “something” special in me.


You called me into your office just before I finished a diploma in Secretarial Services (the name of the course back in those days) and asked me, “what would I like to do?”.

You showed an interest in me. I was so nervous and had a very low self-image. I couldn’t answer you and didn’t, you told me to go away and think about it. I never returned.

I was very unstable and never finished anything I started. Well, I did finish a diploma in Secretarial Services and qualified on 10 Jan 1985. I always remember the 10th Jan, when it comes, as a day of success. Please read on…. It gets better lol.


I applied for 2 jobs and was offered one, 2 weeks after finishing, and started casual work in a secretarial capacity at the Brisbane College of Advanced Education. I was offered the other 2 weeks later as a full-time Word Processor Operator at the Australian Medical Association, Kelvin Grove, in which I took the full-time employment and stayed 7 months. WOW the longest time ever in a job lol


Long story, short – in 1990 I was offered (what I saw to be a promotion) an Assistant Manager position in a specialized hotel owned by Solicitor, Leon Rose who is now an independent in the Ipswich Chamber of Commerce & Industry.


This is my testimony: I strongly desired to operate my own Business – this was and is a personal and professional goal.


I have done so contracting Secretarial Service and as a Professional Resume Writer since 1992. Me who didn’t even finish school writes a mean cover letter lol.


I am passionate about the unemployed becoming employed and love being part of the process.


Thank you, Sarina. I always wanted to work with you and regretted the day I couldn’t answer you. I thought I blew my chances. But I am doing what I love to do. I love creating and turning the old into the new and seeing people advance.


Bless you!


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