Jesse set to soak up profits from man-scaping

BUFF Brisbane entrepreneur, Jesse Dean, is intent on breaking into the man-scaping market with an innovative new Exfoliating Bath Towel.


Currently midway through the New Business Assistance with NEIS, Jesse’s burgeoning business LAB 90210 is already operational through his online shop,


Jesse’s client base is growing steadily, and his unique Exfoliating Bath Towel is proving a real winner.


“With its sleek length and durable handles this towel wraps to the contours of your back effortlessly.


“This unique exfoliation helps remove dirt, fake tan, dead skin and other pore-clogging impurities,” Jesse said.


Statistics suggest Jesse’s venture may well be a profitable one with the male grooming market expected to reach US$78.6billion by 2023.


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