John Steers His Own Career in Right Direction

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WHERE there’s a will there is a way – just ask the amazing team at Sarina Russo Job Access Epping in Victoria.


Under the guidance of Team Leader Samarah Pryor, Indigenous Coordinator Daliah Parker and Business Development Manager Monica Ferreri, the terrific trio pulled off a massive coup last month when they placed John Green into his dream job.


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Formerly a candidate with another provider, John joined the Sarina Russo Job Access roster after seeing a vacancy for a Traffic Controller on the jobactive Jobs Board.


“As soon he saw the advert John called our Support Centre who put him through to Monica Ferreri,” Samara said.


“John advised us he was not getting the service he needed, so I encouraged him to attend the interview session we held at Sarina Russo Job Access Epping to see how we could support him. “


John transferred to Sarina Russo Job Access and was linked in to Traffic Diversion Group’s Indigenous Traffic Controller program.  He’s just celebrated his third month of permanent employment with TDG.


“Placing John was a massive achievement on all accounts because he wasn’t a client when he initially contacted us about the role of Traffic Controller,” Samara said.


“Since starting work he hasn’t missed a shift and he is so thankful for the opportunity.


“TDG are thrilled to have him on board and they see great things for him within their organisation, so all in all I really think that this has been a massive team effort with wins all round.”


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