Judy's a One-Woman Mission to Save Lives

ALEXANDRA Hill’s road safety campaigner Judy Lindsay is a woman driven to save lives – and the motivation behind her campaign comes direct from her broken heart.


Judy’s daughter, and only child Hayley was killed in a horrific road accident on May 16, 2009 when she was a completely innocent passenger in a vehicle driven by a drunk, unlicensed driver.


In the 10 years since her tragic loss, Judy has managed to somewhat rebuild her life and her self-funded campaign is message everyone needs to adhere to.


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“It has taken me 10 years of healing to be able to talk publicly and share my experience,” Judy said.


“And I am now fully committed to providing education on drunk driving, Texting while driving, drug driving, speeding and saving lives on our roads.”


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A recent graduate of the New Business Assistance with NEIS program under the mentoring of star Sarina Russo Entrepreneurs Brisbane Business Solutions Coach Sandra Gartner, Judy spends her time sharing her story in public speaking but the lack of any government funding makes her campaign a challenge.


“If I can save another parent or family from going through what I have been through, my message is working.”


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