Kate's Rise from Despair to Childcare


IF there was ever a perfect example changing someone’s life through employment look no further than Joanne Sutton.


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Joanne first arrived at Sarina Russo Job Access Hervey Bay in November 2017 and although she already had a Certificate III in Child Care on her resume she was really struggling to secure full-time employment.


Joanne also struggled with depression, health issues and the prospect of homelessness was looming large.


Then, in August 2018, after an unsuccessful stint with another job provider, Joanne made her way back to Sarina Russo where Disability Employment Services Consultant Katie Owen put in place a strategy to get Joanne a job.


“Despite her barriers Joanne was very determined to get back to work,” Katie said.


Katie’s suggested Joanne complete a Certificate III in Business Administration – she did it in six months and has now been a senior child care educator and employed for well over 12 months.


“Joanne is loving her job and more importantly loving her life. She’ work very hard and thanks to Katie’s undying commitment Joanne’s life has had a complete turnaround.


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