Lenny Rides the Waves of Employment with Monsoon Aquatics

53-year-old Lenny Hamilton’s new career in the live coral and fish industry has completely revitalized his life, courtesy of the unwavering commitment from Employment Consultants Janelle Shailer and Katie Owen.


“They taught Lenny to use a computer, taught him strategies to overcome anxiety, sought interview clothing and challenged his mindset around his age and ability,” Sarina Russo Disability Employment Services QLD Program Manager Nikki Jacobson, said.


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“We developed strategies to market Lenny to employers and the type of roles to apply through our four-step goal-setting online employment course.”


It was two years and four months in the making and the team celebrated when Lenny started his new job as a maintenance assistant for a coral distribution farm, Monsoon Aquatics at Burnett Heads.  


Monsoon Aquatics is one of Australia’s leading exporters of live coral and fish.  The coral is harvested sustainably, with similar licences to a commercial fisherman, and provided to public and home aquariums across the globe.

One of Monsoon Aquatics sheds is fully insulated and climate controlled, so they can optimise coral growth in ideal growing conditions.


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