Butcher doesn’t mince his words

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VICTORIAN butcher Greg Cavanagh doesn’t mince his words.


So, when he commences a recruitment campaign for a new apprentice, he cuts straight to the chase and called on Sarina Russo Apprenticeships’ star mentor Melanie Howell.


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John Neiberding, 23, is the newest addition to Greg’s team at Tallangatta


Cavanagh’s Butchery and is firmly ensconced in his role with the fresh cuts coming thick and fast.


“The Sarina Russo Apprenticeships’ vacancy team helped Greg with all his recruitment needs and successfully recruited John,” Melanie said.


“John had been working casually in retail but really wanted a new career direction and couldn’t be happier now he’s bringing home the bacon.


John’s really enjoying the team culture and learning the skills he needs to become a future ‘Purveyor of Fine Meats’.