Native, Unique and Aware

“We create for the purpose of being unique, giving our clients a truly one of a kind experience says Chris Jordan, indigenous chef and founder of the Three Little Birds.


A Koori man born in Maclean, New South Wales on traditional Bunjalung land, Chris strives to keep culinary traditions to preserve and transmit indigenous culture through a menu. His passion to create meals came about when he was tracing his ancestry.


“Our family grew up not knowing our Indigenous ancestry and it wasn’t really something my mother or her family identified, so we kind of missed out on all the knowledge. So, I wanted to end that with me,” he tells the Brisbane Times.


Three Little Birds was born from a pop-up event company in London, hosting many quirky events throughout the UK including successful charity events for Macmillan Cancer, Roy Castle Lung Foundation & Royal London Society for The Blind.


Chris has  long been making waves on the international circuit and when he decided to grow his business in Australia, he came to Sarina Russo Entrepreneurs.


“I heard about the NEIS program from a friend who had done it with Sarina Russo Entrepreneurs on the Gold Coast. She highly recommended I ‘check it out’ as it helped her launch her successful business,” says Chris.


“I actually did the training twice – first was pre-COVID in a classroom setting and then again online when COVID hit. It was amazing. There were over 100 students on the live platform with multiple trainers. It was well run and very professional with plenty of opportunity to ask questions and interact with the other students.  I learnt so much about building a business I was unaware of – even doing it a second time, he added”


“My Business Coach, Sandra Gartner, has worked with me every month since I launched my business to keep me on track. She has ‘walk the talk’ having run many businesses herself over the years.  She helped me keep things perspective and asks the hard questions to enable me to decide if ‘the juice is worth the squeeze’, Chris said of his mentor.


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Chris not only strives to offer a unique experience to his customers but is focused on working towards a more sustainable future by sharing his love for native food and tips in utilising and making the most of produce with a modern twist.


“We strive to use the most local produce, incorporating native and foraged produce into our menus.”


“We are aware of our impact on the environment and use sustainable and ethical solutions to try keep our waste to a minimum.”


Chris uses native ingredients, ancient knowledge of customs and techniques to make food that  doesn’t just taste good but also works to acknowledge, educate and celebrate the unique culture and natural resources Australia has to offer.


He hopes his business  will grow and continue to inspire other chefs as well as others thinking about starting their own business.


“Starting my own business, was one of the hardest roads to tread but the most rewarding. You give yourself the opportunity to create a life not only for yourself but for others that share your values and make positive impacts on the world around you… if you want that is,” he said.


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