Online Study Open Opportunities for Sarah

PRESTON jobseeker, Sarah Taylor, is proof perfect that great things come to those who wait – and wait.


Having harboured a dream to complete some study and improve her skill set since her daughter was born 12 years ago, Sarah finally achieved her dream last week but not without the unwavering support of Sarina Russo Institute’s Industry Trainer, Wayne Sudgen.


A former Work for The Dole participant, Sarah’s first interaction with Sarina Russo Institute earlier this year arose when she was advised about online study options and their viability for women in exactly Sarah’s situation.


“This was a huge relief to me as I had wanted to study since my daughter was born but it had always been impractical for me to do so.


“I was asked about my field of interest and was recommended the Certificate III in Logistics.


“I didn’t know it at the time, but this decision was to make huge changes in my personal and professional life.”


Now, with her Certificate III proudly highlighted on her resume, Sarah is set to embark on a whole new career.


“Sarina Russo Institute have made my year and I would recommend this course and Sarina Russo Institute as a learning experience to anyone considering their study options,” Sarah said.


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