Renewables to Give ‘Career Energy’ for Decades to Come

PEOPLE who are in the depths of career confusion could do far worse than consider a trade in the booming renewable energy industry.


That’s the advice from an industry trail-blazer who started his career as an aircraft metal machinist with the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) and now spends his time spruiking an industry he says will be viable for decades to come.


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Ken Wilson, Head of Construction – Trade Skills and Vocational Learning with Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT), is in partnership with Global Wind Organisation, a not-for-profit entity founded by leading wind turbine manufacturers and operators, CIT is responsible for setting recognisable standard in the wind turbine industry.


Sarina Russo Apprenticeships, Business Relationships Manager, Sue Black, said the renewables industry is a global one and the opportunities presenting now for employment across Australia, United Kingdom and the United States are unbelievable – from school-based apprentices through to mature aged apprentices,” he said.


“This is an industry that was virtually non-existent 20 years ago and it’s now evolving so rapidly, and the speed of change is such, that we see renewables as a real force to be reckoned with and very rewarding career option.”


With a super-transferable skill-set that opens doors into such a vast array of industry, trades in the turbine industry will be extremely sought after now and onto the foreseeable future.


“It starts with the power that having a trade on your resume brings,” Sue said.


Ken said the skills are so transferrable that it doesn’t matter if you’re working on gearboxes in cars, aircrafts or wind turbines – wherever there’s a turbine they will need a tradesman or woman to make it go.


“The energy renewables industry is growing so rapidly, and the jobs will be there for years to come.”


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