School Career Counselors to Push Apprenticeships Over University

Careers counsellors will target younger students to convince them to take a trade before their parents decide university is the only option. The program will be piloted in 24 schools across south west Sydney and the north coast. FIND OUT WHERE

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Careers counsellors have been told to start convincing students as young as 11 that taking up a trade is more valuable than a university degree.


The state government will also make it easier for students to take school-based traineeships by hiring mentors to help students with timetabling and navigating their new workplace, as part of a $10 million skills package.


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Liverpool Girls High School students Rosie Tupou, Aieshah Masri, Lilymaria Thomas and Princella Asiedua. 


Careers counsellors usually leave it too late to speak to students about their tertiary and career options because the majority have already settled on university by Year 11, according to Liverpool Girls High School relieving deputy principal Linda Jurcevic.


“There’s an idea the only way is university but that needs to stop,” Ms Jurcevic told The Sunday Telegraph.


“The biggest problem we’ve got is parents who tell their kids they have to go to university and they don’t understand the value of learning a trade.


“It’s all a business for the universities, they just want the numbers.”


“If you expose the kids to trades at a younger age, they have options to pick a career that matches their strengths rather than being funnelled into university.”


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