Stay Curious. Ask questions and Raise Your Standards!!!

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The Sarina Russo Group will absolutely drive our 40th year with a stronger commitment than ever: To keep empowering individuals in the

education and job creation space! 


We love what we do!!! We are proud of our history and our 40 year journey and we’ll keep re-engineering ourselves to embrace more opportunities ahead!


We thank you for your extraordinary talent & capabilities that has taken our Group to extraordinary heights

and imagination beyond my personal

imagination 40 years ago!


Let’s celebrate. When we enhance our lives we enhance our Students: our Jobseekers: our Apprentices: our Employers: our State & Federal Government representatives


We are believers …. we are continually disrupting our thinking to create greatness within & outwardly on a global competitive scale!


Speed of technology around us creates options and rewards:  the ones who embrace the challenges & opportunities wins enormously!


It’s smart thinking and smart individuals demand more in excellence and growth professionally … keep educating our minds….. IT’S THE ONLY OPTION!


Stay curious: ask questions and demand to raise your standards!!!


It’s mandatory as we move forward in the modern world we live in!


Age is an attitude: it’s not how young or old u are?  It’s your inner desire to make a difference in your life’s journey….


It’s the imagination & vision.  This year we celebrate 50 years since man landed on the moon! Our Buzz Aldrin went that extra mile: took calculated risks make the “impossible … possible” … Steve Jobs, Bill Gates… and Roger Federer are extraordinary icons and self believers who totally commit with absolute body & soul!


Yes we can! Let’s keep forging!  Be a believer … Be an extraordinary individuals… Be the best in all that we do and we must demand more from ourselves!


Never give up!!! We defy the odds!!! We are the voice internally & externally!!!


Let’s all step up and love who we are in pursuit of what we wish to become!


Get started now with determination & purpose to lead your way to absolute stardom! 


Enjoy & let’s celebrate 40 years!!!! & beyond!


Sincerely, with absolute Gratitude!


 A million thanks! See you at the top!

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