The Language of Success - Teamwork

Since moving to Australia two year ago from Syria, Afif has found it difficult to hold down a job due to his lack of English language skills.


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Afif’s language barrier wasn’t going to stop ‘Team Sarina Russo Job Access’.


Emma Nilsson, from the Broadmeadows’ office, successfully sourced an opportunity for Afif as a general labourer at FD Air Building Supplies.


However, Afif was concerned because he couldn’t read the employment contract – enter Epping’s superstar Employment Consultant, Hiba El Hayek, who used her Arabic translation skills to put Afif’s mind at ease.


The next day, Afif, Samarah Pryor (Epping team leader) and Hiba visited the employer, Lidija.  This time Hiba’s interpreting skills came in very handy so Lidija could explain the expectations for the role.


After a successful meeting with Lidija, ‘Team Sarina Russo Job Access’ made a quick stop at the shops to kit Afif out with the necessary work clothing.


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