Volume Recruitment Delivers Ongoing Pipeline Of Work-Ready Aged Care Staff

Global training organisation, Sarina Russo Group, is reshaping the way the aged care industry recruits and trains its staff.


Many aged care organisations face ongoing difficulties finding and retaining the best staff.


It’s no secret that aged care can be a difficult field of work. Those who enter the industry sometimes do so for the wrong reasons, or they don’t have the right personality or skill sets for the work and therefore don’t last long in the field.


For aged care operators, it can be difficult to identify those who are genuinely committed to aged care.


Sarina Russo Group’s new ‘Train to Employ’ employment program addresses these matters head on, and delivers aged care organisations an ongoing pipeline of new recruits who have each been carefully screened, and are ready to embark on a tried and tested employment training program.


Program ready to go national

Sarina Russo Group is already collaborating closely with aged care organisations to establish methodologies, processes and procedures that can remain in place, and continue to deliver an ongoing pipeline of new staff. Sarina Russo have a dedicated team of health, training and recruitment specialists who have successfully delivered this model and approach within the Aged, Disability & Community Care environment.


Volume recruitment may be a new approach for many organisations and the teams at Sarina Russo are able to support this design and implementation.


To enquire further or receive a personalised organisational consultation, please contact Jon Twomey, the National Health Division Manager at Sarina Russo Group on 0438 113 255 or j.twomey@sri.edu.au.


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