"Your Age is Your Attitude"


As we approach our 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and beyond . . . we often celebrate our milestones wishing we were younger and more?


Let’s reflect . . . how “gratitude” must be on top of our priority list?


We must believe we can do more and become more. . . it’s our responsibility and we must become accountable for all the decisions we make in our journey of life!


So often . . . it’s the reverse . . . and some individuals think . . . “I am too young”? . . . to make a commitment to study; to kick-start an adventure of travel; purchase your first home; start-up a business; or become a full-time student – maybe a mature-age student.


Let’s reflect on our past and focus on our today!!!

      • Unless we make decisions to take massive action in our personal and professional lives the same will exist this week; this month and this year.
      • We need to become personally accountable . . . and make decisions on being able to “live with the worst scenario . . . the rest will look after itself”
      • We must back ourselves.
      • We must become financially independent as the future is in our hands in an uncertain world and certainty of life . . .not in the hands of others? 
      • We must live our life in full and be proud of who you are in pursuit of who you want to become.
      • We must live every day with passion & commitment firstly to ourselves: Changing what we don’t like and improving with absolute discipline our self-esteem and self-image! 


We have “the world” in our hands! It’s not what happens . . . It’s what we do with what happens . . . it’s our self-interpretation of our own experiences that triggers the desire to “stay as a victim” or see it as the most extraordinary opportunity to learn, grow and become more!


Often we become envious of other’s success . . . our vision of what we want . . . is our responsibility; accepting rejection and looking at failure not as “failure” but as a learning experience of what not to do . . . and the same situation as “success” . . . if we are achieving . . . learning from the successful achievers and ourselves and studying success!!!


So . . . reflect on your life today: Change what you don’t like about yourself; Use massive action; Daily discipline; Set personal and professional goals . . . and remember . . . your age is an Attitude . . . Love your age . . . Feel ageless; Get exercise into your life . . . and Celebrate every day; week; month and year of who you are “becoming in pursuit of what you wish to become”


Let’s celebrate guys . . . ”The world is in our hands” . . . unless you “inspire you expire” said Buzz Aldrin..


See you at the top! 


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