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Sarina's Story

For over 40 years Sarina Russo has been paving the way for women leaders and budding entrepreneurs. 

Her passion, persistence and self-belief have transformed her into the global powerhouse she is today. 

Sarina inspires people to believe in themselves, to go that extra mile and to become better versions of themselves. 

The desire to help others has always been Sarina’s driving force. From tough times as a migrant child to one of Australia's leading entrepreneurs, Sarina has well and truly worked her way to the top.  

Her success was no accident. It took hard work, passion and perseverance. Three characteristics that best describe Sarina’s story. 

As a legal secretary and a typing teacher, Sarina turned her negative situation into a positive one. She had a vision to help others and that’s just what she did.  

In 1979, Sarina opened a small typing school called 'The Office' Business Academy. A revolutionary school for young adults wanting to improve their business skills.

However, Sarina wanted to offer more than just business skills. She wanted to ensure each, and every student graduated with a job. This goal would seem unattainable to most; but Sarina, driven with passion and unshakeable confidence, knew she could do it. And she did. Every student at ‘The Office’ Business Academy graduated with a job. Since then, her business has expanded and grown, and she has continued to achieve greatness.

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Russo tells The Australian Financial Review’s How I Made It podcast that after losing another job, she decided she would start her own company. She set up a typing school in 1979. 

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