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Work Experience Programs & Initiatives

Tap into a number of work experience programs designed to provide employees a chance to build their skills, and employers the opportunity to ensure the right fit before offering the job. 

Ready to support job seekers into new careers?  We’re here to help! 


Explore the different paths to recruitment


When you don’t have experience – or the right experience – it can be hard to find work. The Australian Government provides financial incentives to employers across a number of initiatives to help create new employment opportunities for both individuals and businesses.  

Depending on the work experience initiative, you may be eligible for a trial of 2 weeks, or from 4 to 12 weeks. We’ll take you through the process to get you started, in 3 simple steps: 

  1. confirmation of your eligibility 
  2. setting up a work trial for your candidate 
  3. progressing your candidate to a paid employee if all goes well 

Sarina Russo Job Access provides support to employers to participate in work experience programs, from pre-screening the candidate to coordinating the necessary agreements and risk assessments if required.  

If you’re interested in taking on a trainee, or helping older job seekers gain the skills and experience to become a valuable asset for your organisation, we can help you to access work trials under a number of government programs.  

Reach out to our team for more information. 

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Traineeship support


Traineeships create a great way to add talented employees to your workforce and develop skills and experience in the workplace.  

As an Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) provider, Sarina Russo Job Access has the experience and expertise to support you in hiring your next trainee.   

Traineeships are available across a range of industries and occupations. If you’re interested in exploring these opportunities, your business may be eligible for a range of incentives and subsidies to support you taking on your new employee. Contact our team for more information.  


Creating new opportunities for job seekers


The Work for the Dole scheme is available exclusively to non-for-profit organisations and government agencies to help job seekers gain the skills, confidence and experience they need to gain stable, long term employment.  

This program is designed to provide additional support for work-like activities and tasks that might not normally get done. It is not intended to replace paid positions or to carry out tasks that would normally be completed by a paid employee.  

If you’re interested in learning how to become a Work for the Dole host, connect with our Work for the Dole team today!  


Additional support for short-term placements


Not sure if your business qualifies for the above programs? There are other initiatives that can provide you with up to a 2-week work experience placement before you offer candidates an employment opportunity.  

Contact us to find out if you’re eligible and how we can support you to access any of these initiatives.  


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What is Social Screening?

According to a CareerArc survey, 91% of employers specified they searched through potential employee’s social media accounts during the hiring process and 79% of employers even rejected candidates based on what they found.¹ 

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If you have a role that needs filling, and you’d like to chat, you can request to have one of our friendly and understanding consultants call you back at a time that suits you.

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