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MEET ME at the top!

The Sarina Russo Story

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By Russ Gleeson

Passion, persistence and self-belief transformed Sarina Russo from a fired legal secretary into an international leader in education, training, recruitment and job creation. Meet Me at the Top! is the inspiring and motivational story of how Sarina Russo used adversity as a stepping stone to massive success. 

In 1979, Sarina combined inspiration and desperation to open a small typing school with just nine students.  On graduation, she promised all the students jobs and she delivered. The ability to execute is what the Sarina Russo brand stands for and why people have trusted it for over three decades. 

Synonymous with the phrases ‘How to Get that Job’ and ‘See You at the Top’, Sarina’s philosophy is to constantly challenge the status quo, think differently, exceed expectations and deliver with speed and urgency. 

Sarina continues to build, both personal and business momentum since Meet Me at the Top was first published in 2002.  

Sarina’s dream to run her own University campus came to fruition when Russo Higher Education partnered with James Cook University to open James Cook University Brisbane in 2006.  

Soon afterwards, Sarina expanded into the apprenticeship and trainee sector with Sarina Russo Apprenticeship Services delivering assistance and advice to apprentices and employers in over 600 industry sectors. 

In 2009, Sarina’s leadership qualities saw her ‘rev-up’ instead of close down when Sarina Russo Job Access lost Government contracts for 11 of her 19 Queensland offices.  Determined to make no one redundant Sarina reinvented the offices as training centres.  Sarina Russo Institute is now a successful business giving unemployed people the job-ready skills and qualifications they need to succeed. 

As a global citizen, and member of the Clinton Global Initiative, it was inevitable Sarina would expand her employment services business internationally.  Sarina Russo Job Access now enhances the lives of job seekers across the West Midlands, London and South-East England. 

If you want to be inspired to believe in yourself, go that extra mile and become more, enjoy reading Meet Me at the Top!

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Sarina Russo Group acknowledges the First Nations Peoples of this Country, the traditional custodians connected to the land, water and community on which we live, work and help others to live their best lives. We also pay respect to the Elders past, present and emerging, who strive to build a better and more sustainable future for future generations to come.