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Workplace Support

Congratulations on your new hire! Did you know we’re still here to provide workplace support to you and your employee? Whether you need additional training, workplace modifications or health services, our goal is to support your success.  

Ready to access ongoing assistance for your business? We’re here to help! 


Support for employees living with disability


There are many different forms of disability that can be experienced by job seekers. Our workplace support services can help you access funding or other assistance you may require to make workplace modifications to accommodate those with a disability or mental health condition.  

The Employee Assistance Fund (EAF) provides financial support for employers who hire employees with a condition that requires you to: 

  • Carry out workplace modifications or modifications to work vehicles 
  • Purchase equipment to help employees carry out their work 
  • Access Auslan interpreting services 
  • Provide disability awareness training in your workplace 
  • Provide services for employees with learning disorders or mental health conditions 
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Helping employees keep their existing jobs


In some instances, you may have an existing employee who has suffered an injury, disability or health condition that has made it hard for them to continue working in the same capacity as before their change of circumstances.  

Work Assist helps you to keep eligible employees in their jobs should they be having difficulty fulfilling the essential requirements of their role.  

Assistance may include: 

  • Advice about job redesign 
  • A comprehensive workplace assessment 
  • Workplace modifications or special equipment 
  • Support in the workplace to help manage the impact of the injury, disability or health condition 
  • Interventions such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, pain management or psychological counselling 

Understanding the different types of disabilities your employee may be facing is the first step to putting the right support in place for them. Our team of allied health professionals can assess the challenges your employee is dealing with and create a tailored support plan to ensure they can continue to be a valuable, long-term member of your business.

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According to a CareerArc survey, 91% of employers specified they searched through potential employee’s social media accounts during the hiring process and 79% of employers even rejected candidates based on what they found.¹ 

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