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Redeployment Services for Employees

There are many reasons your workplace may be considering redeployment, but what does it mean for you, and what support can you access to protect your employment?

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What does workforce redeployment mean for you?


Redeployment is an option that may be offered to you in place of redundancy. This can happen if an organisation is going through structural changes such as a change of ownership, a downturn in business or downsizing.

Redeployment is a way organisations can retain staff and avoid redundancies by transferring them to another area of the business where their skills can be used. However, this can be a stressful, uncertain time and you may need additional support to deal with this transition – or even explore your future career options.

Employment and vocational success are at heart of what we do at Sarina Russo Job Access. Our VOICE consultants provide the support employees and individuals need when facing redeployment and redundancy. This may be at an organisational level to support the entire workforce, or at an individual level to provide one-on-one assistance.

Over the years, we’ve helped thousands of people prepare for, and move into, sustainable employment, following changes in their workplace.

Assessing your career choices


If redeployment and redundancy are occurring in your workplace, now is the perfect time to re-evaluate your career. Our VOICE consultants will work with you to develop clear, actionable recommendations to inform your career direction.

We will tailor our services to best match your needs. This may include the use of a series of online assessment tools to ensure career recommendations align with your personal values and interests.


Supporting a career transition


Where redeployment is not feasible and redundancy is on the table, outplacement services can help you with the transition. Our outplacement program is designed to help you deal with redundancy and provide practical support to plan your career and secure alternate employment.

Our qualified psychologists and career counsellors underpin outplacement services with personalised support, encouragement and direction to help with a successful transition.

Aligning workplace environments with your needs


In some instances, redeployment may be necessary due to a mismatch between workplace design and employee capabilities. We can conduct an ergonomic assessment to evaluate the risk of musculoskeletal disorders that may arise from any such misalignment.

To minimise the need for redeployment, we work with employers and employees to identify risk factors and implement the steps needed to systematically improve the work environment. Our goal is to improve employee well-being, job performance, and job satisfaction.


Moving on to new opportunities


If your workplace is engaging in redeployment and redundancy options, you may consider this a good time to move on to another organisation. Our vocational specialists can help you draw the attention of potential recruiters by helping you craft a strong resume, tailored cover letters and powerful online presence.

We can also provide guidance and advice on how to respond to interview questions, with training and feedback to support your success.


Don’t let redeployment and redundancy derail your career path. Talk to our VOICE consultants about which redeployment services are right for you.

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