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The Future of Community Services

By Sarina Russo Editorial Team

If you are interested in a career in community services, the prospects are very bright. Analysis of Queensland’s economic trends has shown that the state’s aging population is expected to increase by 17.7% by 2026 and 20% by 2036, thus increasing the demand for community service workers.¹

Where is community services heading?

Growing, stable and strong are a few words used to describe the future of community services.

Deloitte Access Economics, a full service economic advisory practice, has thoroughly researched the future trajectory of the community services industry using social and economic data. In their report, Forecasting the Future: Community Services in Queensland 2025, they provided an overview of the current and future state of the industry. Within the next 4 years, they have forecasted strong job growth and new employment opportunities.

There has never been a better time than now to become qualified and join the community services industry. Continue reading to learn more about the future trajectory of this industry.

Strong Job Growth

The community services industry is one of Queensland’s fastest-growing and most dynamic industries. Due to Queensland’s ageing population growing disproportionately to the overall population, demand for employees is expected to increase dramatically.

Deloitte Access Economics is forecasting an average employment growth rate of 3.8 per cent per year for the period 2015–25.² This equates to over 20,000 new jobs over 10 years, outpacing the current Queensland and National average growth rates.

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In addition to strong job growth, researchers also believe that the Health Care and Social Assistance industry, which includes most community services, is likely to be one of the most stable job sectors from now on.³

New Opportunities

With the advancement of technologies in healthcare, new opportunities and job roles are being made available.

The introduction to the Queensland government’s Partnering for the Future: Advancing Queensland’s Community Services Industry 2017–25 report states, “Our industry is already exploring new business models and new technologies to meet the challenges we face into the future and make a positive difference to the lives of Queenslanders.”⁴

By 2025, the Queensland Government has pledged to incorporate the use of technology to transform business and service delivery processes, while keeping the ‘human touch’⁵; thereby creating new employment opportunities to meet the industry’s future skill needs including data management and analysis and adoption of digital solutions.

Want to pursue a career in community services?

The Sarina Russo Institute offers CHC32015 Certificate III in Community Services . These course is offered both online and/or face to face at our Brisbane campus (Domestic).

This course take into account your existing skillset, knowledge and past training. With this course, you will gain a wider skill set and experience of what it’s like working in the community services sector. Whether you want to move into or further along this rewarding career path, our courses will be able to assist you.

If you have any questions or queries about studying at Sarina Russo Institute or completing a certificate program, please don’t hesitate to email our Career Counsellor at:

To read more about our CHC32015 Certificate III in Community Services course, please click here.


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