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Why you?
By Sarina Russo Editorial Team

By Erwin Brem (Sarina Russo Entrepreneurs Business Coach) 

In business, it's a great question. Why should someone buy from you (and not from the competition)? And often when that question gets asked of a business owner, it's difficult for most people to come up with a quick and clear answer as to why, other than, we give great service! (And so does everyone else apparently)! 

Clarity in what it is that you do different, better, or something that the rest hasn't got, or don't do, makes marketing and promotion much easier and the decision to a prospective client as to why pick you, simpler. 

The thing you do different, doesn't actually need to be the actual product or service you do either, it can be an added value, the way it's delivered, the un-boxing experience and the quirkiness of the experience, just make it different, make it better, and make it so good, that you become the one that customers come back to, and refer others to. 

If you haven't worked out the why, come up with something that makes you so different in what you do, or how you're perceived, and make that the next priority in your business development. The why is critical. Try it, it works! 

Not 100% sure you will be able to create a startup successfully?

We offer accredited small business training that can help turn your business idea into reality. Sarina Russo Entrepreneurs (SRE), in conjunction with The Self-Employment Assistance program (previously New Business Assistance with NEIS), enables Australians to set up and run their own small business. The Self-Employment Assistance is 100% Australian Government funded.

Sarina Russo Entrepreneurs (SRE) supports candidates as they complete BSB40320 Certificate IV in Entrepreneurship and New Business. During this, candidates create a comprehensive business plan and a two-year financial cash forecast. SRE Trainers provide meaningful mentoring for the first twelve months.

Eligible candidates receive the training and support to create a viable business plan, in addition to obtaining a Certificate IV in New Small Business.

For more information, please click here. 

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