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Acland Pastoral Company's collaboration with Sarina Russo Apprenticeships

By Sarina Russo Editorial Team
Acland Pastoral Company's collaboration with Sarina Russo Apprenticeships
From left, Peter Jackson, Managing Director at Mandana; Harper Little, SRA Apprentice; and Sam Noller, Manager at Acland Pastoral Company

Sarina Russo Apprenticeships (SRA) in collaboration with Acland Pastoral Company (APC), based in Jondaryan, Queensland, recently completed a sign-up under the Women in Male-Dominated Trades program. This collaboration not only highlights the dedication of SRA but also showcases the commitment of APC to fostering diversity in the agriculture sector.

APC is a pioneering force in the industry. The company manages 10,000 hectares of land, grazing 2,000 head of cattle within the Darling Downs region. Additionally, they actively engage in cropping, cultivating 2,400 hectares of crops primarily distributed in the local area.

The recent sign-up of a trainee Harper Little for a full-time agriculture traineeship is not only a demonstration to the growth of APC but also a step forward in breaking gender barriers within the industry. 

Peter Jackson from Mandana played a crucial role in organising the sign-up for APC. The collaboration emphasises the importance of teamwork in ensuring the success of apprenticeship programs. This partnership also underlines the commitment of both SRA and Mandana to bridging the gap between education and employment, particularly for those entering male-dominated trades.

Mandana, known for providing sustainable solutions for Indigenous engagement and employment, has been instrumental in assisting Harper with her transition from school to work. The holistic approach of Mandana, focusing on workforce mentoring, recruitment, labour solutions, and targeted programs supporting Indigenous talent, aligns seamlessly with the goals of SRA and APC.

The collaborative efforts of Sarina Russo Apprenticeships, Acland Pastoral Company, and Mandana exemplify how teamwork, mentorship, and targeted programs can pave the way for success in traditionally underrepresented fields. As Harper embarks on her journey, she not only represents the future of agriculture but also a testament to the power of collaboration and inclusivity in shaping the workforce of tomorrow.

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