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Archer's journey into School-Based Apprenticeships

By Sarina Russo Editorial Team
Apprentice smiling in a workshop
Archer's journey into School-Based Apprenticeships
Archer Mawson, SRA Apprentice

Archer Mawson's journey into the world of School-Based Apprenticeships commenced when his mother, inspired by the potential benefits of SBAT, contacted Carol Pinney, SRA Industry Consultant, for more information. Recognising the importance of this innovative program, Archer's parents decided to employ him, seizing the opportunity to blend academic learning with hands-on work experience.

Embarking on this educational venture was not without its challenges. Over the course of four months, a collaborative effort unfolded involving Archer's parents, the Registered Training Organization (RTO), and the school. Negotiations between these stakeholders required careful coordination and persistence to navigate the intricate processes and policies involved in implementing SBAT within the school's framework.

Carol acted as a bridge between the school, the RTO, and Archer's parents. Her expertise and commitment were evident in the countless phone calls and discussions that took place, ensuring that all parties involved were well-informed and aligned in their efforts to make Archer's SBAT enrolment a reality.

Archer's journey from initial curiosity to successful enrolment in the SBAT program stands as a testament to the transformative impact that dedicated individuals like Carol and innovative programs like SBAT can have on shaping the educational and professional landscape. As we celebrate Archer's triumph, we also anticipate a ripple effect that could inspire and benefit countless others seeking a unique and effective approach to education and career development.

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