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Brad's brewing success

By Sarina Russo Editorial Team
Brad with his products
Brad's brewing success

Meet Brad Robinson, a visionary entrepreneur who has turned his small business aspirations into reality. With a dream to thrive in the competitive marketplace, he embarked on a journey to find the support and resources needed to elevate his business to new heights.

Brad's journey to success is nothing short of remarkable. After a life-altering experience of fracturing his vertebrae, he sought a new path—one that aligned with his values and could positively impact others. This journey led to the establishment of Cooee Coffee Co, a sustainable, community-centric coffee brand that supports locally grown produce, particularly Australian coffee.

Cooee Coffee Co stands as a local treasure. Its unwavering dedication to sustainability and community values is reflected in the company's diverse selection of premium coffee offerings. Its one-of-a-kind coffee blends are meticulously curated from beans grown right here in Australia, providing patrons with a genuine connection to the essence of our vibrant coffee culture. In addition, Cooee Coffee Co extends their commitment to coffee education through workshops and various educational endeavors, empowering individuals to delve into the intricate art of coffee brewing. With an unshakable passion for quality and an unyielding commitment to making a positive impact, the company has set forth a mission that not only redefines the specialty coffee landscape but also reimagines the way individuals experience it.

Recognising the potential for greatness in Brad's business, Sarina Russo Entrepreneurs stepped in as a guiding light. The partnership was forged with the goal of providing not just support but a comprehensive roadmap to success. Through the Self-Employment Assistance Program, a government initiative, Brad like other aspiring business owners, were provided with invaluable tools and resources to kickstart and scale their ventures and by collaborating with Sarina Russo Entrepreneurs, Cooee Coffee Co gained access to a wealth of expertise, mentorship, and assistance tailored to its unique business needs.

His Business Coach, Erwin Brem, has worked with him from the beginning and has helped Brad in his journey of taking his idea to the establishment of a robust brand, with promising prospects for significant business expansion in the long term.

"Becoming a business owner has profoundly transformed my life. It's a journey that's reshaped my perspective, challenged my limits, and ignited an unyielding passion within me. The responsibility of overseeing Cooee Coffee Co has not only reshaped my career but also fostered personal growth. The experience has cultivated resilience, teaching me to embrace ambiguity and adapt to ever-evolving circumstances. The role has provided a platform to express creativity, innovate, and contribute positively to my community", says Brad.

Sarina Russo Entrepreneurs is proud to be a part of Brad's journey and proud to witness the positive impact of Cooee Coffee Co on the local community and beyond.

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