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Bridging education and trades

By Sarina Russo Editorial Team
Apprentices and liaison officer with Sarina Russo Job Access staff member
Bridging education and trades
Jane Hay (left), Industry Liaison Officer with apprentices Xavier Burke and Shawndel De Bosch and Danielle Raisbeck, SRA Industry Consultant

Tec-NQ, a Townsville-based trade school, has been at the forefront of delivering trade-based education, and they've made it accessible to students from all walks of life, including those from remote communities and rural areas. With a unique boarding facility designed to cater to these students' needs, Tec-NQ is setting a remarkable precedent for trade education.

Recently, two young individuals, Xavier and Shawndel, embarked on an exciting journey at Tec-NQ. Through Sarina Russo Apprenticeships, they signed up for a school-based apprenticeship in Plumbing, a decision that holds the promise of a bright future. The beauty of this arrangement is that they will complete their workdays in their own communities during the school's work experience weeks and holidays, ensuring a seamless blend of learning and practical experience.

Jane Hay, Tec-NQ's Industry Liaison Officer, plays a pivotal role in making these apprenticeships a reality. Her dedication revolves around arranging and facilitating work experience opportunities for students in fields like Carpentry, Plumbing, and Health Services. Jane's collaborative efforts involve working closely with providers, employers, guardians, and students. Together, they actively promote the school-based apprenticeship program, motivating students to pursue their trade journeys while continuing their education journey to complete Year 12.

Xavier and Shawndel are eager to commence their apprenticeships back in their home communities. They have taken proactive steps to ensure a successful transition for themselves and their communities. Their enthusiasm is a testament to the promising future that school-based apprenticeships can offer.

At Sarina Russo Apprenticeships, we take immense pride in collaborating with employers, students, schools, and guardians throughout their apprenticeships. We understand the significance of supporting young talents like Xavier and Shawndel as they embark on their trade journeys.

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