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Building dreams, one apprenticeship at a time

By Sarina Russo Editorial Team
Keitherson smiling with a truck behind him
Building dreams, one apprenticeship at a time

Keitherson Keane, an early school leaver, found a transformative opportunity through the Disability Employment Services – Disability Management Services (DES-DMS) Early School Leaver Program delivered by Sarina Russo Job Access(SRJA). With the assistance and guidance of Carmen Schulz, SRJA DES Manager, Keitherson secured a full-time apprenticeship with Sheer Class Engineering, a family-run business through Sarina Russo Apprenticeships (SRA).

 Keitherson completed Year 11 at Chisholm College in 2023. Eager to kickstart his career, he joined SRJA and was matched with Sheer Class Engineering, a company that values the personal and professional growth of its employees.

Despite leaving school early, Keitherson demonstrated remarkable determination and commitment. His apprenticeship at Sheer Class Engineering began in November, marking the commencement of a journey filled with learning and achievement. With the unwavering support of Sheer Class Engineering Manager, Ryan, who played a pivotal role in his success, Keitherson quickly adapted to his new role and started kicking goals.

One of the significant milestones in Keitherson journey as an apprentice was obtaining his driver's license in January, showcasing not only personal development but also the practical skills gained through the apprenticeship. With hard work and financial discipline, Keitherson saved enough money to purchase his own car, a testament to the stability and growth opportunities provided by employers of SRA. 

SRJA and SRA’s support extended beyond training and education. The program assisted Keitherson with essential work clothing and ensured he obtained the necessary White Card for his industry. These measures not only facilitated Keitherson's seamless integration into the workforce but also underscored SRJA and SRA's commitment to nurturing the success of every participant.

The Disability Management Services program goes beyond merely placing individuals into jobs. It offers continuous support for both the employees and their employers. This comprehensive approach includes specialised training and assistance to access various supports. These supports range from wage subsidies to financial assistance for modifying workplaces or acquiring adaptive technologies. Additionally, interpreting services are made available to ensure effective communication in the workplace.

Keitherson's story is an example that apprenticeships are not just a stepping-stone but a robust pathway towards realising one's dream career. The personal and professional growth experienced by Keitherson demonstrates that apprenticeships are a vital force in shaping the future of the workforce.

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