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Crafting automotive dreams

By Sarina Russo Editorial Team
Sue, Mia and James smiling warmly
Crafting automotive dreams
Sue Black, SRA ACT Business Relationship Manager (left) and Mia Fleming, SRA Apprentice (right) with James Taylor of Tony Farrugia BodyWorks

Mia Fleming, an Erindale College student, has embarked on the path to becoming a skilled professional in Automotive Refinishing Technology through Sarina Russo Apprenticeships.

Mia's has made a decision to pursue a Certificate III in Automotive Refinishing Technology, specialising in vehicle spray painting, setting the stage for a career in a field she was passionate about. The unique aspect of Mia's journey lies in her choice to embrace this path as a female school-based apprentice, challenging stereotypes and breaking barriers in a traditionally male-dominated industry.

Central to Mia's success in acquiring an apprenticeship is the pivotal role played by Sarina Russo Apprenticeships (SRA). SRA has served as a matchmaker, connecting enthusiastic apprentices like Mia with employers who recognise and value their potential. By facilitating these connections, SRA actively contributes to the development of a skilled and diverse workforce for the future.

Mia's journey gained momentum through a transformative work experience at Tony Farrugia Bodyworks Pty. Ltd., an esteemed establishment in the automotive refinishing sector. Engaging in day-to-day operations and immersing herself in the intricacies of vehicle spray painting, Mia discovered not just a job but a passion that fueled her enthusiasm for the craft.

In celebrating Mia's success, we acknowledge Sarina Russo Apprenticeships' commitment to empowering the next generation of skilled professionals.

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