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Empowering the electrical workforce of tomorrow

By Sarina Russo Editorial Team
Empowering the electrical workforce of tomorrow
From left to right, Summer Carder, Field Officer of Electro Group, Nicholas Bovey, Prian Pyakurel, Ethan Hardman, Thomas Atkinson and Stephen Mudford, Electro Group of Field Officer

Recognising the growing need for skilled electrical workers, Electro Group, a leading electrical Group Training Organisation, has continued to team up with Sarina Russo Apprenticeships (SRA) to bolster their apprenticeship program. Their joint efforts are not only filling the gap in the electrical workforce but also changing the lives of promising young individuals who are eager to embark on a career in the electrical industry.

30 October was a momentous day for both Electro Group and the four enthusiastic apprentices they signed up, a testament to the program's success and the promising future it holds. The young apprentices were welcomed with open arms, and their eagerness to learn and dedication to the electrical field were evident from the start.

Electro Group has always been on the hunt for committed apprentices who are passionate about the electrical industry. They recognise the importance of investing in the training and development of future electricians to ensure a competent and skilled workforce. The company's commitment to apprenticeships goes beyond the bottom line – it is about shaping the future of the industry and providing a secure, rewarding career path for young individuals.

The SRA ACT Team, on the other hand, plays a crucial role as the provider for the apprenticeship program. Their expertise in training and employment programs is instrumental in identifying and nurturing talent in the electrical sector. By partnering with Electro Group, they are helping bridge the gap between eager apprentices and industry needs, creating a symbiotic relationship that benefits both sides.

The apprenticeship program is designed to provide comprehensive training, combining classroom education with hands-on experience under the mentorship of skilled professionals at Electro Group. As the apprentices progress through their training, they gain the practical knowledge and skills needed to excel in the electrical field. These young apprentices are not just learning a trade; they are on a path to secure and rewarding careers, with the potential to become leaders in the electrical industry.

The collaboration between Electro Group and Sarina Russo Apprenticeships is a shining example of how employers and apprenticeship providers can work together to create a brighter future for the next generation

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