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Haregeweyin success with ParentsNext support

By Sarina Russo Editorial Team
Haregeweyin making a thumbs up
Haregeweyin success with ParentsNext support

Haregeweyin Taye Hirpasa, a resilient mother of two, one of whom has special needs, has migrated to Australia as refugees in 2015. She has faced numerous challenges, including a lack of work history, low English literacy, and limited knowledge of the expectations in the workforce. However, with the assistance of the Sarina Russo Job Access (SRJA) ParentsNext program, Haregeweyin's journey became a testament to determination, perseverance, and the transformative power of support.

Upon joining the ParentsNext program, Haregeweyin's first obstacle was her low level of English literacy, hindering effective communication beyond her immediate community. Amber Treherne, SRJA Employment Coach, recognised this challenge and promptly facilitated courses to improve her English skills. 

As Haregeweyin's English proficiency improved, Amber actively supported her in identifying courses related to her interests. Haregeweyin expressed a desire to work in the Disability Support Care industry, and Amber played a crucial role in finding and enroling her in relevant courses. With dedication and hard work, Haregeweyin successfully completed her studies in English and obtained a Certificate IV in Disability. This accomplishment paved the way for her entry into the workforce as a Disability Support Worker.

"My worker, Amber at Sarina Russo Sunshine Parents Next is so kind and an amazing helper. Whenever I attend appointments, she is always there to help in every direction. When I was struggling to find work, she supported me and my family with getting accommodation, so we did not end up without a home and was always happy to help fix any problems I had, it didn’t matter if they were work or personal. Every time I came in to see her even without an appointment, she would always see me and treated me with respect. Amber is really suited for this role because she cares about you and always wants the best for you”, says Haregeweyin.

Haregeweyin's success story exemplifies the transformative impact of the ParentsNext program, particularly when coupled with the dedicated support provided by Sarina Russo Job Access. Through language improvement, education, and comprehensive support, Haregeweyin not only overcame significant obstacles but also found meaningful employment in a field she is passionate about. This story serves as an inspiration, highlighting the importance of tailored support programs in empowering individuals to overcome challenges and achieve their aspirations.

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