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Outback Mask's entrepreneurial journey with Sarina Russo Entrepreneurs

By Sarina Russo Editorial Team
Nick Avery smiling outside a building
Outback Mask's entrepreneurial journey with Sarina Russo Entrepreneurs
Nick Avery, Founder and Owner of Outback Mask

Adelaide-based small business, Outback Mask, emerged from the challenging working conditions of the Australian outback, where founder and engineer, Nick Avery, found himself working on solar farms amidst scorching temperatures, dust storms, and relentless bush flies in 2019.

Driven by the need for better protection amidst harsh conditions, Nick developed Outback Mask to address the discomfort and incompatibility associated with existing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Surprisingly, his solution resonated not only with fellow workers but also garnered interest from tradies across various disciplines and DIY enthusiasts.

The effectiveness of Outback Mask's Minimum Viable Product (MVP) was proven during the bushfire season of 2019-2020 and gained traction nationwide. Now, with aspirations to reach a broader audience, Nick turned to Sarina Russo Entrepreneurs (SRE) for support.

"The flexibility of learning allowed me to still work while progressing towards my Cert IV in Entrepreneurship and New Business," Nick shares. Despite his engineering background, he recognised the unparalleled return on investment offered by SRE's programs. After completing his certification, he seamlessly transitioned into SRE's 12-month coaching program. "With all these resources to support me, success is only a matter of time, Nick adds."

Nick emphasises the invaluable assistance provided by SRE, from energetic trainers to responsive onboarding teams and comprehensive worksheet templates. These resources proved instrumental in navigating the complexities of starting a business, particularly in terms of time management and financial modeling.

Reflecting on his journey, Nick offers advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, stressing the importance of market validation and customer interaction. He also highlights the significance of goal-setting and networking, facilitated by SRE's monthly meetings and coaching sessions. 

"I like the monthly meetings with goal settings to hold myself accountable.  It’s very hard to know what is the most important thing to work on right now.  Having the network and a coach to challenge your assumptions can help avoid pitfalls", Nick says of the program.

Nick's entrepreneurial journey highlights the transformative power of entrepreneurship education and support.

For more information about Outback Mask, click here.

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