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Self-Employment Assistance: Authentic Support’s tailored NDIS services

By Sarina Russo Editorial Team
Bronson Culpin-Lavers with a smile on his face
Self-Employment Assistance: Authentic Support’s tailored NDIS services
Bronson Culpin-Lavers, Owner of Authentic Support

In the realm of disability support services, genuine connection and personalised care are the cornerstones of meaningful assistance. Fuelled by a desire to address the low standard of support and connection within the industry, Bronson Culpin-Lavers and business partner Jay embarked on a transformative journey to establish their own NDIS service. Guided by the Sarina Russo Entrepreneurs’ Self-Employment Assistance Program, Bronson has redefined the landscape by prioritising the needs of his clients through ‘Authentic Support’.

Described as “…refreshing, how support work should be”, Authentic Support was established to cater to NDIS participants who felt unheard, unacknowledged, and lacked access to quality services that could assist them in achieving their goals. Unlike other existing providers, Authentic Support innovates by finding novel pathways and tailored experiences that fulfils each client’s unique needs.

Bronson’s entrepreneurial idea was made a reality with the Self-Employment Assistance program provided by Sarina Russo Entrepreneurs. Through the guidance of the program and ongoing mentoring and support, Bronson learned skills in business management, human resources management, and the industry’s best practices. Today, he leverages his knowledge to provide exemplary support to both his clients and dedicated staff. By ensuring a conducive work environment, Bronson believes it is only then that the team can deliver exceptional service that meets the diverse needs of their clients with precision and care. The philosophy of this leadership has proven to be instrumental in the success of staff retention; evident in their current team of 30 members.

As Authentic Support gains momentum, the impact of its client-centered approach has become evident. With over 100 clients supported and empowered by this service, Bronson has not only filled a critical gap in the NDIS sector but set a new precedent for excellence in care provision for years to come.

Bronson and Jay are now working within the wider community to make their programs accessible to underprivileged youth with a new and innovative model of support. Despite being in its early stages, their endeavours serve as a genuine testament to their dedication and serves as a reminder of how passion, commitment and opportunity can enhance and enrich the lives of a community for the better.

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