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Staying 'creative' as a business owner

By Sarina Russo Editorial Team
Staying 'creative' as a business owner

Jemima Joycelyn has worked as a graphic designer for years, however, as a creative, working under other companies, Jemima felt limited. She feels it did not provide her the maximum satisfaction she was seeking for on a more personal level.


With the help of Sarina Russo Entrepreneurs, Jemima is now a proud owner of Creative.Commercial.Services Pty Ltd, a marketing agency that specialises in graphics design, web design, social media, content creation, research, business development, print and more.


“After analysing the details, I realised it could be the perfect fit for me and was very pleased when my application was approved”, Jemima says of her decision to join the program.


Sarina Russo Entrepreneurs caught up with Jemima to discuss her experience with the program, and here’s what she has to say:


How did SRE support you?


SRE helped me in many ways:


As a sole trader doing multiple scope of work in different streams, it was confusing to my customers to understand what my main scope of business was, however, my mentors helped me segregate each scope of work under a different title, which enabled me to function better as a company. 


My mentors also taught me the importance of creating a mandatory business and financial plan, this allowed me to track my expenses/ my incoming and outgoing, etc which made it easier for me to do my financial statements at the end of each quarter. This knowledge allowed me to grow into my professionality as a business owner and aided my confidence as an individual.


The insight I got through the video classes allowed me to get a general overview of how businesses were to be operated from a professional industry standpoint.


What challenges have you had to face? How have you overcome these challenges?


Over the course, I learned a team is way better than one person doing everything, so I outsourced, built a team, built business partnerships that allowed me to create some form of balance within my business, this also helped me expand my services by 40% percent, as I reached new heights through all the extensive outlets from my business relations. 


What is the one piece of advice you can give to those who want to start their own business?


"Networking, being innovative and consistent is Key." By that I mean, doing business with extreme intention is a key factor - know your target audience by extensive research, your sale point / approach, marketing strategy, your budget etc, also start off with zero - to very limited expenses till you make enough income, to invest in a professional service (e.g. of zero marketing can be word-of-mouth, SMS / email marketing etc)


What have been some of the highlights of your experience that you want to share with others?


I've worked most with Business Coach, James Luo.  Some of the main objectives were Brainstorming, Planning, Setting Financial Goals and so much more, these highlighted objectives gave me direction, leads and marketing strategies. As I consistently grew in my strengths as a business owner, the more business services developed accordingly.


Also, as a mindset mentor, Jemima now personally feels she is living her purpose where she helps her clients reach their business goals on their own pace, through mindset shifts, innovation, and business development.

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