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Transforming your career path with the Career Transition Assistance (CTA) Program

By SRG Editorial Media Team
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Transforming your career path with the Career Transition Assistance (CTA) Program
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Getting back into the workforce or navigating a career change can be daunting, especially for our older job seekers. You may feel your skills are out of date, too old or that you have lost touch with the industry.

The Career Transition Assistance (CTA) program is your way back into employment. CTA is a government initiative to support over 45s into employment. Our coaches will help you refresh your knowledge, rebuild your skills and relaunch your career.

Sharon’s career transition triumph

Meet Sharon Evans, a resilient individual in her early 60s, who spent an impressive 30 years working for a single employer. While loyalty is commendable, it also posed a unique challenge for Sharon when it came time for a career change. Navigating the digital landscape of the current job market seemed like an overwhelming task, compounded by the fact that Sharon had never have to create a resume.

One of the challenges that Sharon faced was adapting to the digital demands of the job market. Her consultant has recognised this and provided tailored support to enhance Sharon’s digital skills. Through personalised tutoring and encouragement, Sharon gained the confidence needed to navigate the ever-evolving world of technology.

Crucial to Sharon’s success was the support and guidance of Belinda Scales, Sarina Russo Job Access Career Transition Assistance Coach. Belinda has worked closely with Sharon to set achievable goals, ensuring she felt comfortable and confident in her newfound digital skills. Through extra tuition and motivational pep talks, Sharon was empowered to engage with an employment consultant and break through the isolation that often accompanies reliance on digital services.

One of the significant milestones Sharon achieve during the program was the creation of her first ever resume. This document became a powerful tool in opening doors to potential employers and since completing the CTA course Sharon has secured a contract position. The CTA program has equipped her with a toolkit, hence, enhancing her prospects in the competitive job market.

Today, Sharon reports feeling more confident using computers and is proud of what she has achieved. Her journey with the CTA program not only transformed her digital skills but also empowered her to overcome the challenges of career transition.

If you find yourself in a similar situation and are over 45, do not hesitate to seek assistance from Sarina Russo Job Access. Our team is ready to help you navigate the complexities of career transition, providing the support and guidance you need to unlock opportunities and relaunch your career with confidence.

For more information about the Career Transition Assistance program, click here.

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