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We all have a role to play

By Sarina Russo Editorial Team
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We all have a role to play

October marks Mental Health Awareness Month. The theme, “We All Have a Role to Play," emphasises collective efforts in addressing mental health challenges. Each of us can contribute to supporting mental health awareness and understanding.

The main goal of Mental Health Awareness Month is to educate and reduce stigma surrounding mental health. Awareness enables early intervention and appropriate treatment, crucial for improving mental well-being.

What role will you play?

Will you be a community champion, linking member of your community with mental health resources?

Will you be a workplace wonder encouraging and inspiring your colleagues to consider their mental well-being and promote Mental Health Month initiatives?

Will you be a school superstar? Introducing Mental Health Awareness to your educational institution, whether as a student, educator, staff member, or parent.

Will you be an amazing ally? You can support mental health by lending an ear and helping those undergoing mental health challenges.

Will you be an incredible individual? You can give priority to your mental well-being this month and explore fresh approaches to support your mental health throughout the year.

By fostering open conversations and challenging stereotypes, we can create an empathetic society where individuals feel comfortable discussing their mental health experiences.

Get Involved: https://mentalhealthmonth.wayahead.org.au/


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