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ParentsNext Program What's Next?

Let us help you get ready to start work while your kids are getting ready to start school. We’ll create a return to work plan that fits with your family and is as simple as ABC.

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Helping find jobs for parents returning to work


Being a parent is undoubtedly the most important job you’ll ever have, but additional income will help you provide more opportunities and security for your family.

If you’ve had time off to be the primary caregiver in your home, the ParentsNext program is designed to help you step back into the workforce with confidence. Sarina Russo Job Access will provide tailored support for you to develop the skills and experience you need to secure your future.

Our ParentsNext program offers mums returning to work (and dads!) help to:

  • Find suitable  work experience or skills training options
  • Connect with other parents and local support services 
  • Arrange financial support for childcare and study 
  • Update your resume and job interview practice 

Our ParentsNext programme follows 8 key steps: 

Radi8 – create a welcoming environment for YOU and YOUR children. 

Activ8 – focus on YOUR personal and professional goals. 

Particip8 –understand you have commitments that we need to work around to achieve your future goals. 

Educa8 – create opportunities for YOU and YOUR children through training and skills development. 

Facilit8 – see what jobs suit YOU so you can earn extra income while meeting YOUR parenting requirements. 

Communic8 – open and honest communication tailored to YOUR personal and cultural needs. 

Medi8 – strengthen YOUR education, social and employability skills with YOUR support organisations. 

Appreci8 – YOU’RE an important individual with a lot to offer so we’ll personalise a parent-friendly pathway towards training and employment. 

 To support your family, we welcome you to the Sarina Russo Job Access family and do everything we can to nurture your success.

What participants are saying about us


I started out on ParentsNext with Suzie in Caloundra, who was very helpful with helping me sign up to a Certificate III in Teacher Aide. After leaving ParentsNext and going onto a Job Provider, I was lucky to have help from Peter! After speaking with Peter briefly about what I want to do, he went up and beyond to help me make my dream job a reality. Without Peters help I might have missed the opportunity to work in my dream role. I can't thank this team enough.


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