Ami Saunders’ - Blast from the Past

Dear Ami – You may or may not remember me.  My name is Simon.  You were my liaison when SRJA Ipswich. I wanted to let you know I have finally arrived at the outcome I desired.  Last Friday I received my QTAC offer and was pleased to receive my first preference, a double degree Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education at Southern Cross Uni. 


This is it Ami; my pathway to not just employment, but a new career that will see these next few weeks become the last that I will ever receive (ever need to receive) benefits or support due to unemployment.  I share this with you as an acknowledgement of your service and my appreciation for how you assisted me during the time I was under your charge. 


Thank you, Ami.  I offer you my apology for the times that I shared with you: anger, frustration or anything other than politeness and gratitude . . .  you displayed: the ability to develop a meaningful rapport, understanding, compassion, intellect, and a gentleness of manner not based in meekness but coming from a foundation of authority and kindness. 

I felt that you deserved to know that everything has worked out for me.  It is my strongly held opinion that a job seeker receives considerable benefit by having you on their side.