"Aspiring Tradies Have The Potential To Nail Doctors Wages "

WHEN demands supersedes supply, trade and skill shortages surface and the biggest winners are aspiring tradies.

And as the growing demand for tradies and their skill-sets escalate, their career choices are having positive impacts on their earning potentials.


Australian Bureau of Statistics show some tradies earn upward of $150,000 per annum – a favourably comparison to an Australian general practitioner who took home about $156k during the same stanza.


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ABS figures showed many tradies commenced their careers, post apprenticeship, on upward of $140k and Steve Wyborn, Chief Operation Officer Sarina Russo Apprenticeships said the demand was growing.


“In the past few years we’ve been noticing a real trend and a swing back toward to school leavers and job-seekers opting for a trade rather a university degree,” Mr Wyborn said.


“But there is still a definite trade and skills shortage for trades people and our uptake has been phenomenal – we are placing apprentices ranging in ages from 15 to 50-years-old.


“It comes back to the simple principle of supply meeting demand and across Australia, particularly in the regions, demand is clearly outweighing the demand.”