"More Women Finding Work", Zachary reports.


TO find a time when the total number of unemployed women in the Wide Bay region was as low as new data shows, you would have to look as far back as 2011.


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New labour force data for August shows the number of women unemployed in the Wide Bay workforce has reached 3700, the lowest total since mid 2011.


It’s not a number that’s just a once-off trend either, but has been maintained since June. The Australian Bureau of Statistics data, released on Thursday, shows that while the unemployment level for the region has dropped to 7.3 percent this has come on the back of more women working, rather than men.

Compared to August 2018, there are 600 more women working and 200 fewer men.


Bundaberg branch manager for Sarina Russo employment agency Melissa Latter said the strides made by females in the workforce should be noted.

“It’s amazing to see, an eight-year low is definitely something we should be celebrating as a region,” she said.


“We’ve had headlines for not always the best reasons on our unemployment and to see it dropping so much in the last few years has been phenomenal.”


She said women were doing bits of everything, picking up work in a variety of fields from retail to construction. While men have a higher representation in the workforce with an approximate 60,900, the total number of men employed in the Wide Bay workforce has fallen 200 since 2018.


The 51,900 women in the workforce make up the rest of the 112,700 total. But while some figures have moved in a positive direction, others have been relatively static.


The unemployment rate has dropped from 8.1 per cent since January to 7.3 per cent, but has been oscillating by only 0.3 percent since March. And while progress has been made on youth unemployment, falling 6.4 percent since August 2018, the figure still remains at 18.7 per cent – the highest in the state outside Outback Queensland. And the region’s economy grew by 0.3 per cent, which was well below the state’s 1.5 per
cent during the year


Author: Zachary O’Brien

Source: News Mail, Bundaberg


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