She saved my life from the darkness

Tania Gower, a Stream C Indigenous job seeker, shared her very personal journey with Chanchal and the Sarina Russo Job Access Preston team.


I started working with Chanchal two months ago. I was low in confidence, have severe mental health issues and have not worked in years and always was a drug addict, was homeless too. I literally thought this is my life now.


However ,Chanchal started motivating  and encouraging me to build upon my confidence with her positive thoughts and linked me to a mental health counsellor, encouraged me to start exercising and coming to see me more to engage and set up a routine to come for appointments . . . did  mock interviews practice and [she] shared excellent tips . . .


My life moved drastically from negative to positive and I started having fun in appointments whilst working towards getting into employment.  Chanchal started calling me every now and then and she was more of a friend to me than my case manager as I had no one to talk to . . . all her hard work for me, efforts, concern and care she showed me which no one showed me in the past inspired me to engage more and look forward to my appointments.


Words can’t express how happy I am as Chanchal in true sense has changed my life rather I should say saved my life from the darkness and till date she calls me every morning and afternoon to find out how my day was at work.


My mental health is so much better, and I don’t feel nervous and shake while I talk anymore.  She is a legend.