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SARINA Russo Job Access Greensborough Manager, Darren Bail and Employment Consultant Susan Stablum believe first impressions are lasting – especially the impression you leave on a potential employer during a job interview.


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“Be the best that you can be,” is the mantra Susan shares with all her clients.

“Your best is what the employer will be buying. An authentic presentation of you at your best will achieve the best possible job outcome,” she said.


To leave potential employer craving for top talent, Susan recommends her jobseeker’s implement her five top job interview tips. Gauging from Dot’s feedback they are very effective (see testimonial below)


    1. Tailor your resume to the position you are applying – use Trigger words from the job ad.


    1. Watch YouTube interview do’s and don’ts’ videos.


    1. Download some inspirational videos aimed at building your self-confidence.


    1. Practice answers to interview questions in front of the mirror keeping your answers under two minutes.


    1. Use the STAR Interview Questions and Answer model.


Use the STAR Interview Questions and Answer model.


SITUATION: Describe the context within which you performed a job or faced a challenge at work. For example, perhaps you were working on a group project, or you had a conflict with a co-worker. This situation can be drawn from a work experience, a volunteer position, or any other relevant event. Be as specific as possible.


TASK: Next, describe your responsibility in that situation. Perhaps you had to help your group complete a project within a tight deadline, resolve a conflict with a co-worker, or hit a sales target.


ACTION: You then describe how you completed the task or endeavoured to meet the challenge. Focus on what you did, rather than what your team, boss, or co-worker did. (PS: Instead of saying: “We did XYZ,”? say “I did XYZ”


RESULT: Finally, explain the outcomes or results generated by the action taken. It may be helpful to emphasize what you accomplished, or what you learned.


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